Optimize Space through Wire Shelves Multiple Shelf Mount

Wire Shelves Multiple Shelf Mount can be a part of the beauty of the interior design inside the kitchen to store and display spice bottles and cans, dry food, wine and bottled and canned food ingredients so you won’t easily forget what to add when cooking. By placing non-refrigerated dry foods and ingredients on Wire Shelves Multiple Shelf Mount, you save space in your refrigerator or freezer.

Mounted wire shelving can be applied to multiple shelving of 2, 3, 4 or 5 shelves. Wire Shelves Single Shelf Mounts are meant for dry storage or to increase storage options. The wall mounted wire shelves are adjustable.

Single shelf mounts are usually attached to walls as a single mount composed of 2 or 3 wall mount solid steel posts and bracket kit. The chrome shelves are supported by brackets or with 2-14” Cantilever Arms and 2-Mounting Brackets. If you place an order, the cantilevers and brackets would be included.

You can adjust the wall mount systems in a 14″, 18″ or 24″ cantilever corresponding to the appropriate posts and wire shelves. The Wire Shelves Multiple Shelf Mounts are adjustable on 1″ increments on the post wall.

Double Post Cantilever Arms are available in 14″, 18″ and 24″. Should you make an order, brackets would be included in the shipping.

It pays to know more about the specifications of the wire shelves multiple shelf mount components as presented below:

2-14” Single Post Cantilever Arms & 4-Post Mount Brackets, priced at $27.80

2-18” Single Post Cantilever Arms & 4-Post Mount Brackets – $31.01

2-24” Single Post Cantilever Arms & 4-Post Mount Brackets – $31.98

1-14” Double Post Cantilever Arms – $31.06

1-18” Double Post Cantilever Arms – $36.21

1-22” Double Post Cantilever Arms – $39.42

Wire shelves can be fixed flat-horizontal or slanting. As starter kits, you can purchase a number of shelves in durable chrome finish depending on the number of racks or wire shelf frames you have. A larger space such as a 24-hour shop may use a number of wire shelf systems. Installing wire shelves on racks is fast and easy.

You can also use solid shelves for one level on the Wire Shelves Multiple Shelf Mount. Solid shelves are one of the best open shelf systems available today. Made out of galvanized steel finish and in stainless steel finish, solid shelves come in a variety of models, sizes, and prices. Solid shelves are also installed on stationary shelf rack systems.

No space is wasted in a defined room space with the use of Wire Shelves Multiple Shelf Mount. Inside the kitchen, you can add an attractive modern look by adding chrome wire wine racks to hold and display wine bottles, and save space in the kitchen.

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